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Unified Telecoms services

We offer a wide range of unified telecoms services to suit all business requirements, from a fully integrated unified telecoms system to a simple call recording system.

Mobile PBX and Fixed Mobile Convergence


Mobile-X is the business mobile network that converges mobile phones with business desk phones. Mobile-X is the ideal way to integrate mobiles to a business PBX phone system, or to entirely replace business landlines and deskphones.


Mobile-X Interconnect

Mobile-X Interconnect is designed for service providers, integrators and converged service developers to easily access the mobile network and develop their own innovative products using standards compliant SIP signalling and open APIs.

MVNO network

Mobile virtual network services providing white-label SIMs and mobile numbers. Fully customisable for transit and termination of voice and sms traffic. Suitable for larger partners and service providers looking to develop consumer-oriented mobile or OTT services.

Hosted and Cloud PBX

Connect Xpress

The Business PBX in the cloud.

A complete office phone system that includes multiple numbers, huntgroups, IVR menu, out of hours diverts and voicemail to email.


Connect Enterprise

Advanced hosted enterprise PBX.

Industry-leading Broadsoft platform delivers enterprise telephony and UC features. Highly scalable for many users, many sites and call centres.

Conference Xpress

Business conferencing services.

Bring together teams, suppliers, customers and clients wherever they are with easy to use, secure teleconferencing. Upgrade to call record your meetings.

Call recording

Small Business

Call Recording Small Business is our simple email only service, perfect for organisations needing just a simple “copy” of each call.

Cloud App

Call Recording Cloud is our easy to use cloud service, with on-network recording, and always-on instant playback of all your calls.

Enterprise Insight

Call Recording Insight is our Enterprise grade recording solution for businesses who really need to delve into their recordings.

Call Centre services

Queues and Call Centres

Inbound call management services.

Inbound NGN and regular business numbers. Simple team ring groups and incoming call queues. Fully featured Broadsoft call centre and call management.

Call Board

Call Reporting Dashboard.

Wallboard and call analytics tool based on Akixi that offers complete visibility of current and historical calls. All call metrics can be displayed immediately to call dashboards or analysed in management reports.

Enterprise Integration

CRM and contact management.

Integrate telephony with enterprise applications, such as CRM, ERP and office applications, such as Outlook. Screen popping of contacts, management of contact history and click to dial.

Network and Carrier services

SIP Xpress

SIP Trunks and PBX overlay features

Inbound SIP routing with multiple number options, including geo, non-geo, mobile and international. Resilient outbound PSTN termination at competitive wholesale rates. Extend your PBX with SIP overlay features added from our cloud PBX.


Transit and termination

Voice and SMS carrier services

Fixed, SIP and Mobile voice transit and termination. SIP interconnects and PSTN termination. SMS messaging transit and termination (interconnect and PSTN) supporting SMPP and HTTP. Secure connectivity.

Network call recording

Record calls from any network

On network call recording from any network. Recording based on transit or on network numbering, or CPS, or IDA codes, or forwarding. Multiple delivery options, including our call recording service partners, or direct integration.

Numbering and Inbound services

Business Numbers

UK, National, Mobile, Int’l & Non-Geo

A wide range of business phone numbers to suit all requirements, whether company main numbers or individual DDIs. These can be mapped to cloud or PBX or SIP services or delivered to your own network or PBX.

Mobile numbers

Inbound, virtual or OTT mobile

Mobile numbers mapped to cloud, PBX or SIP services, twinned or forwarded, or even used in OTT applications and apps. High quality, “in bundle” mobile numbers not personal or pager numbers.


Connect Forward

Inbound call forwarding

Use one or many Simetric business phone numbers, and intelligently divert and forward calls, voicemail and SMS to different areas of your business with hunt group routeing and IVR menus.

Mobile data

Mobile data SIMs

Mobile broadband packages

Flexible mobile data packages supporting single or sharer deals at medium to large volumes. Suitable for mobile broadband, interim coverage, mobile broadband backup, business continuity. 3G and 4G and roaming options available.


Mobile data optimised for M2M

Cost optimised packages for smaller data requirements, infrequent usage, backup services and M2M applications. Fixed IP, VPN delivery and secure routeing available.

Secure Mobile Data

Private APNs and VPNs for SIMs

Secure mobile data service, allowing routeing of all mobile internet access from the SIM to the corporate firewall or network. Ideal for retaining full control, security and compliance of both user devices, mobile broadband routers and M2M applications.