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Mobile X – combined mobile landline for small and startup business

If you are a small businesses or start-up running your whole business on your mobile phones, either out and about with customers or working from home. Then you’ve no need for an office at the moment.

The company is growing fast, and you really need business landline numbers to make you look more professional. But you don’t want the expense, commitment or hassle of having to have a phone line installed in an office that the business doesn’t need.

Mobile-X is the perfect solution for a start-up like you

You’ll get landline numbers, as well as our mobile numbers, altogether on a SIM.

And there’s no need for a phone line to be installed anywhere.

We can even ported your existing mobile numbers to Mobile-X, so older customers can stay in touch.

You can even have a national number as your main company line that rings all our phones. So with Mobile-X you can share calls and voicemails across the whole team.

No matter where you are, you’ll never miss a call.

And best of all you’ll only get one bill for both mobile and landline.

Mobile-X… Work Anywhere. Work Together. Work Smarter.

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