We’ve introduced a series of new bundles for Mobile-X and Mobile-X Interconnect for Wholesale and White-label Partners.

We called this our 2018 Smart Bundle range – they are simple, cost-effective, and just make sense.

On our Three Network profile (4G – UK only)

  • Smart Business 1GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 3GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 10GB
  • On our O2 Network profile (3G – w/Roaming, including multi-net)
  • Smart Business 1GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 2GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 4GB

Add options:

  • Combine with Connect Xpress deskphone
  • Add Dubber Recording 5yr or 7yrs
  • Add SIP Xpress for existing PBX setups

All these plans include SIM, usage bundle and number.

These bundles are available to all our Partners for new business and new customers.

Please see the full Terms and Conditions for service and bundle use available on our main website.