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Work Anywhere. Work Together. Work Smarter.

Mobile-X solves the disconnect between landline and mobile

No apps, no smartphone, no tricky configuration. Just insert a Mobile-X SIM into any unlocked phone and get all the features of your deskphone or office phone system on your mobile.

So now, as well as calls, texts, data and voicemail you can have extra landline or PBX features at your fingertips, such as multiple numbers, customer calling identity, call transfers, hunt groups, extension dialling.

Mobile-X is local and national at the same time

Mobile-X can manage a whole range of local and national numbers as well as porting any existing numbers so there’s no need to change contact details.

Mobile-X makes businesses more productive

Teams in the field will never miss a call again, because they’ll have full access to internal ring groups, call forwarding, out-of-hours schedules, voicemail to email and even call recording, making them just as efficient out of the office as they are at their desks.

Mobile-X is secure and works everywhere

Mobile-X works directly from a SIM, using integration to the mobile network, so it will work on any handset. Calls are routed over the mobile GSM and Simetric networks only, not over insecure internet or WiFi networks, so your calls are fully secure.

The benefits of Mobile-X

  • Multiple local, national and non-geo numbers on a SIM
  • All your numbers are on one phone, with shared ring groups, call diversion, voicemail and call recording
  • Full policy control of inbound and outbound destinations

How does Mobile-X work?

Simetric’s advanced voice services are fully integrated to the mobile network. All Mobile-X calls, SMS and data work as normal on the mobile network, but are delivered to the Simetric network where we can make additional features work, like alternative numbers, PBX features, or call recording. We can also extend the service to your own network if you run your own SIP or VoIP services and have your own SIP based hosted PBX equipment.

Mobile-X makes mobile phones and 3G desk phones work as a business phone system, with DDI numbers,  short-dial extensions, call transfer, hunt groups, IVR, voicemail and all the other PBX features you would expect of any other PBX system.

Mobile-X is a SIM, not an app, so it works in all mobile handsets, and is completely integrated with the mobile network for voice, data and SMS.

Mobile-X phones works seamlessly with other desk phones hosted on the Simetric virtual PBX service, or with other phones in an existing PBX phone system, whether hosted or on site.

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