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Mobile-X – Efficient call handling for growing businesses

As companies grow in size and complexity it can become harder to handle sales and support calls.

You don’t want to miss any calls, or give a poor impression to the customer, but with teams spread across the country, often using mobile devices, it can be a challenge.

Your business needs an easy way of ensuring the right calls get to the right people wherever they are.

Mobile-X helps us work together as teams wherever we are.

Mobile-X gives you a central number for each team, that rings everyone in the group.

We can add extra call handling solutions, like call recording, voice menus, hunt groups, out of hours services and shared voicemail boxes.

Mobile-X also allows you to transfer calls back and forth between mobile and fixed lines, whether in or out of the office.

All this means teams can handle customer calls more efficiently, and the business runs more effectively.

Mobile-X … Work Anywhere. Work Together. Work Smarter.

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