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 A free white paper which introduces the regulatory environment driving call recording and unified communications

There are two huge changes coming for telecoms resellers in the channel. MiFID II and GDPR, which arrive in January and May 2018 respectively, are fantastic opportunities to drive forward unified telecoms and secure communications services like never before.

To help resellers get themselves and their clients through the legislative minefield we created a MiFID and GDPR white paper. It’s free to download and share, we hope you find it helpful.

These regulations aren’t directly intertwined, but OFCOM and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) both have similar aims: to ensure the security and scrutiny of communications, and to bring consistency to the movement and use of data across the UK.

MiFID II and GDPR implications for businesses

While MiFID applies principally to the finance industry, compliance with that will help massively in ensuring companies are also covered for the broader GDPR legislation too.

Both these pieces of legislation offer a great opportunity to channel resellers who understand them, to be able to offer compliant solutions to business customers.

Simetric is well-placed to support you: we can offer you easy to deploy hosted PBX, UC and mobile solutions that help your customer become compliant. The legal and regulatory landscape in the UK at the moment can seem quite complex, with several bodies each taking ownership of elements, which in some cases cross over.

Download our free white paper

Our MiFID II and GDPR White Paper unpicks the issues and clarify the situation for telecoms resellers in the channel. To get your copy simply fill in our short form.

MiFID II and GDPR White Paper

Download your copy of our MiFID II and GDPR White Paper