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Are your telecoms systems MiFID II compliant?

Can you record all Mobile, Fixed and SMS?

Why is that important?

MiFID II requires firms linked to financial instruments record all interactions which lead to a transaction regardless of how it is made including face-to-face, written, phone calls – mobile and fixed line, and SMS.

How do we help you?

Simetric’s call recording solutions work without the need for any interaction from your user. No buttons to press or apps to launch. The call recording tool automatically records every mobile, fixed line and SMS communication.

Can your systems store all records?

Why is that important?

MiFID II requires that all communication recordings are securely stored for up to 5 years

How do we help you?

Our call recording system securely stores all recordings which can be accessed via an online control panel for instant retrieval.

Can all recordings be audited?

Why is that important?

The ability to audit all recordings is a vital part of MiFID II. This ensures that should there be a requirement for an investigation to be carried out calls can be grouped together to provide a single view of the process of a call.

How do we help you?

The call recording system Simetric use is fully auditabe on demand via the cloud based control panel. This enable your business to review all fixed line, mobile, SMS or VoIP calls.

To find our more about how Simetric can help resellers with MiFID II and GDPR regulations download our free white paper.