Download our Datasheets

This page contains downloadable data sheets on all Simetric’s products and services. The page will be updated as new services are developed and updated. All datasheets are provided in PDF, to download simply click on the title you require.

Mobile PBX and Mobile Convergence

Download Mobile-X PBX & FMC Datasheet

Mobile-X is a SIM that brings landline and office PBX features to mobile handsets and delivers a fixed mobile convergence FMC solution.

Download Mobile-X Interconnect Business UC Datasheet

Mobile-X Interconnect is a wholesale mobile infrastructure connectivity service that enables voice and PBX service providers to deliver fixed mobile convergence.

Download SIP Express SIP Trunks & PBX overlay

Fully featured SIP Trunks securely routed across our converged services network.

Call Recording datasheets

Download MiFID II and GDPR White Paper

An introduction to the regulatory environment driving call recording and unified communications

Download Mobile-X for Call Recording Datasheet

Mobile-X CR is a specialised SIM with custom network connectivity to deliver mobile voice or SMS traffic to Call Recording services or software.

Download Call Recording Small Business Datasheet

Simetric Call Recording is an easy-to-use cloud based recording service for fixed, mobile and VoIP phones which is flexible safe and secure. This is a legacy service.

Hosted Cloud PBX

Download Connect Xpress Datasheet

A fully featured business phone system securely hosted on Simetric’s PBX.

Download Conference Xpress Datasheet

A fully featured and secure business teleconference system hosted in the cloud accessible from anywhere by anyone via local UK call rates.

Download Connect Enterprise Datasheet

Advanced, enterprise telephony solutions on a Broadsoft platform, with a powerful suite of features and enablers for demanding corporate telecoms environments.

Download Business Continuity Datasheet

Simetric Business Continuity delivers disruption-free, automated telecoms failover, available in any location, with no loss of service or features.

Download Comparison CXP v CNE Datasheet

Compare Simetric’s Connect Xpress and Connect Enterprise PBX systems.

Download Number Forwarding Datasheet

Divert and voicemail services

General datasheets

Download Security and Anti-fraud Datasheet

The Simetric network is designed to be secure and resilient, to protect you and your users from unauthorised, fraudulent or malicious activity.

Download Network Datasheet

All Simetric Telecom services are delivered from our resilient voice network that operates in dual data centres, with diverse network and carrier interconnect services.