Product Updates

For more information about any of Simetric’s products and services, please contact sales on +441133971100,, or use our Contact form

If you are already a Simetric customer, you can find product info, pricing and more in your account on the Helpdesk portal.

Upgraded Support Portal – update March 2018

We’re pleased to announce some upgrades and a new look and feel to our Support Portal.

The new design modernises the user interface and brings it into line with our other main self-management tool, Control Panel.

In addition we have introduced some great new features:
– “Whats New” panel
– Service Status panel to show RAG status on the network and latest incident updates
– All NEW Orders feature to let you order Numbers, Porting, Equipment and SIMs

The new system is also being rolled out across resilient infrastructure to ensure we can always stay in touch.

Please see our blog for a sneak preview of some screenshots before tomorrows launch!

Smart mobile bundles – December 2017

We’ve introduced a series of new bundles for Mobile-X and Mobile-X Interconnect for Wholesale and White-label Partners.

We called this our 2018 Smart Bundle range – they are simple, cost-effective, and just make sense.

On our Three Network profile (4G – UK only)

  • Smart Business 1GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 3GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 10GB
  • On our O2 Network profile (3G – w/Roaming, including multi-net)
  • Smart Business 1GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 2GB
  • Smart Business Unlimited 4GB

Add options:

  • Combine with Connect Xpress deskphone
  • Add Dubber Recording 5yr or 7yrs
  • Add SIP Xpress for existing PBX setups

All these plans include SIM, usage bundle and number.

These bundles are available to all our Partners for new business and new customers.

Please see the full Terms and Conditions for service and bundle use available on our main website.

Personal Control Panel – November 2017

Personal Control Panel is a new view of Control Panel designed to support individual subscriber log in to Control Panel. This special view of Control Panel displays information and settings only for that subscriber, and is fully mobile-optimised so it has the feel of an app when its used on a smartphone or iPhone.

Users login with their phone number and can see all their settings on one simple page:

  • My Numbers, My Call Identity, My Voicemail, My Diverts, My Directory
  • The directory function shows everyone in their PBX group and even does click to dial.

Simetric Partners can even have Personal Control Panel fully branded. Please contact support for more information or to set up access for your users to Personal Control Panel.

Read more about Personal Control Panel features on our main blog!

Receptionist Operator Panel for Connect Xpress cloud PBX – October 2017

The CXP Receptionist Operator Panel works directly with the PBX to provide a fully featured and easy to use PC-based tool for receptionists and telephone operators to manage all calls in and out of their organisation.

Receptionist Operator Panel supports multiple address books that can be synchronised to include subscribers and other services in the PBX.

There is a Data sheet associated with this Product Update notice. Please click here to go to the Knowledge Base for more information.

Network and broadband monitoring service (Nagios tool) – terms update July 2017

Our Nagios platform is available to all our partners and customers to monitor network availability and connectivity at any of their sites. This is a simple but invaluable tool when there are network issues that may be affecting voice services. It also provides our customers with very useful realtime, and historical, views of network performance at their sites.

We have recently reviewed and updated the terms and conditions for this service to clarify the free of charge status for customers and partners meeting a basic minimum monthly spend.

The new terms and pricing are all updated on our Pricebook tool. Login to the Support Portal and go to Pricebook for more information.

Mobile-X and Interconnect – Bundle updates May 2017

New bundles are now available for Mobile-X and Mobile-X Interconnect with various options around calls, sms and data.

We are currently offering 1000, 2000 and 4000 bundles.

Bundles are available for all Mobile-X and Interconnect SIMs though A-leg and B-leg inclusion varies if you are an Interconnect partner.

Please contact sales for more information and pricing for your tariff band:

Bundle Terms and Conditions apply: