We’ve been working with several partners recently who are looking at a combination of customer requirements around migration away from legacy ISDN and towards cloud PBX and cloud call recording.

Many customers have system/project or contractual constraints around ISDN – they maybe can’t or don’t want to migrate fully in the very short term – so a phased approach can really help.


One of the ways to do this is simply to put simple gateways, like the Vega range from Sangom, in place to deliver or terminate the traffic as SIP instead.

But it can be challenging to find a place to actually demo this ISDN integration – who has a spare ISDN line lying around?

So we built this very simple proof of concept solution with an old BT Versatility and a Sangoma Vega 100G SIP gateway – no actual ISDN lines required, but the Versatility talks ISDN to the Sangoma, nicely demonstrating how the concept works in practice.

We’ve used this to show customers how they can start to move away from ISDN to cloud and SIP services, for both outbound and inbound voice traffic, additional PBX services, and of course for cloud call recording.

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